Jon Babb is an American composer of soundtracks for film, television, and video games. He has created music for various projects over a period of eight years and specializes in orchestral and cinematic music.







A Love Not Forgotten
A Hero is Coming
At first sight
Dawning Beauty
Bound By Love
Pure of Heart
Dreams of Splendor
Tracking a Killer
School Bully
Her Best Wish
Daughters of Royalty
The Maiden´s Heart
For My Queen
Lovely Medieval
The Journey Home

Jon Babb enjoys working on a project as long as it proves to be creative and proves there are no bounds to visionary and inspiring creations.

Quest of Eve   Primal War

Quest of Eve
Position: Project Leader, Music Composer

A fantasy adventure game that defines a new generation. Quest of Eve is one of its kind in the flash game world, and it's   a story-driven interactive experience that will continue to entertain us for years to come. The music within the game is a cinematic marvel as well, and it's like sitting down and watching an interactive movie.


Primal War
Position: Music Composer

An epic fight between beast and dinosaur. This massive series proves to the world that there are no limits to action animation. The series had went where no other animator had gone before, and an epic series deserves an epic musical score.

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